Dear readers

At the start of 2016, Haven Investor predicted 3 specific areas which would see significant gains during the year. As we approach the end of Q1, we can proudly show our stunning set of results already which were achieved even earlier than anticipated.
Trade 1 – Buy gold
The price of gold has risen consistently so far in 2016 as predicted with a 20% year to date and is once again back in a bull market as more people star to realise governments and central banks have lost control. Gold still had a long way to go on the upside. For more details why, take a look at this article.
Trade 2 – Buy Bitcoin
From early in 2016 until most recently – the price of Bitcoin has increased by 18%. Demand is set continue as it becomes more widely used around the world. For more details why, take a look at this article.
Trade 3 – Buy Oil
From a low of USD 27 at the start of the year the price of oil as predicted has risen a staggering 45% in just 2 months, close to USD 40. As we stated to our readers as oil reached its lowest price in a generation, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to invest.  For more details why, take a look at this article.
For our readers that have already invested into our 3 recommend trades, we recommend you continue to hold your positions and enjoy the continued capital gains expected for the remainder of the year. For new readers, stay tuned for new tips once the situation presents itself again.