Benefits of a Second Passport

  1. Travel restrictions: Investors or entrepreneurs who need to travel frequently travel without visa restrictions.
  2. Political & economic contingency: A contingency plan in case the political climate worsens in your home country
  3. Diversify assets in different locations: Own assets in different geographic locations to diversify your wealth.
  4. Better travel opportunities & more flexibility: Travel between countries which are facing rivalries with neighbouring or other governments.
  5. Relocate & protect your family: Protect the future of your family by having alternative locations to move to..
  6. Living abroad & planning: Citizens living abroad with no opportunities to acquire a new citizenship through residency/naturalisation.
  7. Save time in the long-term: Save time applying for immigration and waiting years before going through the minimum residency to obtain citizenship.

Fastest route to obtaining a second passport

  1. Marrying a foreign national: Foreign spouses often qualify for a shortened waiting period for naturalization, although language requirements sometimes exist.
  2. Citizenship by descent: If you have ancestors from a foreign country, you may be able to claim a second passport in an inexpensive way. Can take from six months to 2 years. This is the first route to consider for a second passport.
  3. Citizenship by investment: With cash to invest, the passport process can be sped up substantially. For example, the Caribbean island of Dominica starts at $100k or in Europe Malta at $1m.
  4. Special treatment: Due to an exceptional artistic or athletic talent, or if you invest enough money, some countries allow the President to waive naturalization requirements (including language requirements) and make anyone a citizen.

Second Passport locations around the world:

Country of Citizenship # of Countries with Visa free travel Total time from arriving to issuing passport Type of Investment to be made Minimum Cost of Investment Minimum Residency before obtaining
ST. KITTS & NEVIS 132 including EU 4 – 6 months Donation, Real Estate USD 250K donation (Single Applicant) or USD 400k property purchase + additional processing fees None
DOMINICA 120 including EU 6 months Donation, Real Estate From USD 100K Donation or USD 200k Property purchase + additional processing fees None
ANTIGUA & BARBUDA 131 including EU & CANADA 3- 6 months Donation, Real Estate From 200K donation (Family application) or USD 400K property purchase + additional processing fees 5 days / 5 years
CYPRUS 157 including, EU & CANADA 3 months Bank Deposit, Real Estate EUR 500K Property Purchase & EUR 5M Bank Deposit None
MALTA 166 incuding USA, EU & CANADA 12-16 months Real Estate + Gov. Fee + Bond EUR 1.2M Donation 12 months
GRANADA 120 including EU 3-4 months Real Estate, Donation USD 200K donation & USD 350K property purchase None
BULGARIA 141 including EU 5 Years Bond Deposit EUR 511K with local government over 5 years None