Peer to peer lending volumes to double in 2016

January 9th, 2016|

Peer to peer lending volumes in the UK reached a new high in 2015 of GBP 2bn and is now expected to double in 2016 to GBP 4bn. This upward momentum has been driven due to the following 5 factors:

1) Maximise Use of Technology: allows the peer to peer lending platforms to introduce investors directly to […]

What is alternative finance? Making Alternative Finance easy…

October 24th, 2015|

Alternative finance covers various forms of finance outside of the control of traditional financial institutions. For centuries, these established firms have made considerable amounts of profits by charging extremely high fees and not suffering from any real competition until now. Over recent years there has been considerable growth of the alternative finance industry offering diverse […]

Breaking News: Trustbuddy Suspends Operations – Investigations on Misconduct

October 12th, 2015|

An investigation initiated by the new management of TrustBuddy AB has indicated serious misconduct within the company. The Board of Directors has informed Nasdaq OMX and the Swedish FSA about the situation, and the FSA has demanded that TrustBuddy is to stop offering its services with immediate effect. As a consequence, the company’s planned rights […]

Latest Peer to Peer Lending Jobs. October 8th 2015

October 8th, 2015|

Zopa, London UK (Peer to Peer Lending)
MI & Performance Analyst – Apply
Account Manager – ApplyHave a great idea that you need a loan for? Start here with Haven […]

Peer to Peer Lending in Europe ~ 5 Factors Causing the Exponential Growth

October 3rd, 2015|

Guest post written for & published by Bitbond, the Premier Bitcoin Peer to Peer Lending Platform:
The Peer to Peer (P2P) lending industry across the European continent is growing at an exceptional rate. The European online alternative finance market grew by 144% last year to nearly €3bn and could top €7bn by the end of 2015, […]

Interest Rates Are Set To Be Zero Forever – Thankfully P2P Lending Provides a Good Rate of Return

October 3rd, 2015|

Guest post published @ Peer Social Lending:

At the end of last month, following the September 2015 Fed Committee meeting, Janet Yellen – the Fed Governor admitted to reporters that it is not impossible that the Fed might hold interest rates at zero forever within the USA, where they have been for the last 7 years […]

Should you buy loans from “peer-to-peer” lenders?

October 2nd, 2015|

The market views peer-to-peer lending as having great promise.

And, some banks are buying these loans in earnest.

Should your bank look closely at doing the same?

Since the financial crisis, a new generation of non-bank lenders has grown up to serve markets that banks either retreated from or have not been able to serve effectively.  Lending Club […]

After the fall: boost for China’s P2P lending platforms as jittery market investors eye havens

October 2nd, 2015|

Millions of Chinese investors have been left to rue their losses and are keen to find a more stable alternative than stocks in future.

Even as China’s stock market falters, it is still providing great opportunities for online financial services companies, including peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platforms such as

The website, a subsidiary of Ping An Insurance, […]

Brief: Creamfinance Teams Up With Peer-to-Peer Platform Mintos to Offer Investments in Loans in Georgia

October 2nd, 2015|

Creamfinance LLC, a European online consumer lending company, has recently reached an agreement with peer-to-peer lending platform Mintos. From now on, investors will be offered an opportunity to invest in short-term unsecured loans issued in Georgia.

According to the CEO Matīss Ansviesulis, an initiative to join the platform was taken with an objective to expand investment opportunities and […]

5 reasons peer to peer lending is ideal for start-ups

September 30th, 2015|

Trying to secure a loan from a High Street bank is daunting for any business. Find out how the alternative finance sector and P2P lending could help…
Figures from RBS released in January 2015 show peer-to-peer (P2P) lending to small businesses is increasing 200% per year.

This trend is also evident among start-ups which are often frustrated […]