P2P lending rises to record US$15.3b

September 10th, 2015|

CHINA’S peer-to-peer lending platforms transacted another record high 97.5 billion yuan (US$15.3 billion) in August, lifting the total volume of the sector to 863.5 billion yuan so far this year, amid an interest rate cut and a stock market rout, according to a survey released yesterday.

The monthly transactions were nearly doubled the amount in March, […]

Peer to Peer Lending Review

September 3rd, 2015|

We’ve put together a comprehensive review of Peer to Peer Lending platforms purely focused on Investors seeking to diversify their portfolio for loans to Individuals. We do plan […]

Peer-to-peer lending platforms seek new ways to increase investor confidence

August 5th, 2015|

As peer-to-peer loan platforms catch on in Singapore, some are looking for ways to enhance system security for potential investors.
SINGAPORE: Locally-based bullion retailer Silver Bullion launched the world’s first bullion-backed peer-to-peer (P2P) loan platform on Wednesday (Aug 5). It is backed by the contents of its storage facility The Safe House, wherein lies about 80 […]