Ledge Is A Mobile Peer-To-Peer Lending Platform Powered By Venmo

September 27th, 2015|

Everyone knows it’s hard to lend money to family or friends. The process is awkward, and most people never actually get paid back. Ledge is trying to fix this issue by bringing automation and transparency to peer-to-peer lending.

Here’s how Ledge works:

After a user decides they need extra cash for something like a cross-country move, they can create a campaign, specify […]

Peer to Peer Lending Review

September 3rd, 2015|

We’ve put together a comprehensive review of Peer to Peer Lending platforms purely focused on Investors seeking to diversify their portfolio for loans to Individuals. We do plan […]

These startups will lend to you — with the backup of your family

August 26th, 2015|

A pair of peer-to-peer lenders are taking a novel approach to the booming business model: actually having peers lend to or vouch for one another. 
Able, which caters to small businesses, is expanding operations nationally today with $6 million in venture capital funding. Investors include Blumberg Capital.
Vouch, which launched from San Francisco in April, is backing consumers refinancing or taking on […]

Peer to peer lending surges in US

August 14th, 2015|

Josh Smith, a 30-year-old blogger on finance, was in the midst of a career change in 2009 when he sought to refinance $US8,000 in credit card debt.

“At the time, I was making the transition to freelance,” he said. “When I asked the bank, they did not want to lend me the money because I was […]

Lending Club, taking on the biggest banks on Wall Street — and winning

July 26th, 2015|

Lending Club got its footing in the financial-services industry by being one of the first startups to streamline the financing process online. More recently, Lending Club has gone from being a peer-to-peer lender to a multifaceted financing shop. In the process, Lending Club has added the financing capacity of 200 community banks. If all the banks Lending Club has partnered […]

Upstart – a new USA P2P Lender, lends money based on your school, SAT score, and job history

July 26th, 2015|

A former Google exec’s startup lends money based on your school, SAT score, and job history — and a star Wall Street investor’s betting on it. Traditional banks require years of credit and employment history from anyone looking to borrow money from them. So if you’re young and don’t have much credit experience, you’re probably going to […]

Lending Club continues to open up to Investors in the USA

July 25th, 2015|

Major USA P2P lending provider, Lending Club, has announced that it is now open to investors in the states of Texas and Arizona. P2P lender, Lending Club, is now officially open to retail investors from 30 US states.

“We are delighted to announce the addition of two key states today, which we believe will help drive […]