The Secret to Crowdfunding Success!

August 25th, 2015|

Earlier this year UK equity crowdfunding pioneer Crowdcube proudly announced that JustPark, a company pitching for investment through its platform, had raised a record breaking £3.7m. It was one the many success stories that have helped place crowdfunding squarely on the collective radar screen of startups and early stage companies. In deal terms, crowdfunding in […]

Success Story: How Tile went from crowdfunding to 2M units sold in two years

August 20th, 2015|

Tile makes a deceptively simple gadget: a rounded square of white plastic, about the size of a poker chip, that you can clip to your key ring, slip into a backpack, or stick onto any other object you want to keep track of.

Today the company is releasing a new version of its gadget and updating […]

Q&A: Crowdfunding success story with UK chain Grind

August 20th, 2015|

Espresso and cocktail chain Grind recently closed £1.34m through a mini bond on crowdfunding platform Crowdcube – smashing its initial £750,000 target.

Over 470 investors contributed to the round, with £60,000 being the largest amount invested, for the four-year term of the bond.

Founded in 2011 by David Abrahamovitch and Kaz James, Grind runs four espresso and cocktail […]

Technology allowing investors in private companies to trade their shares

August 19th, 2015|


Investing in private companies has been made all the more popular by the emergence of crowdfunding, but once you’ve invested in a private company it can be tricky to get your money and returns out when you want to.

Trade sales or publicly listing the company through an initial public offering are the normal routes allowing […]

Andy Murray goes on Crowdfunding spree

August 19th, 2015|

Andy Murray, the tennis star currently ranked number two in the world, has expanded his business empire by making three investments in UK start-up companies.

It has emerged that he has taken a stake in Tossed, the salad bar chain, as well as investing in 3D virtual reality shop company Trillenium, and the Fuel Ventures Fund, […]

Will Crowdfunding Threaten Institutionalised Lending?

August 15th, 2015|

Recently equity, reward and debt crowdfunding through to peer-to-peer loans have received much attention as private investors provide funds for individuals, startups and more established SMEs seeking capital for expansion. Nesta reported that the UK alternative finance market generated £939m in 2013 and predictions for 2017 are reaching £15bn annually. With high recent and predicted […]

6 trends that are shaping the future of crowdfunding

August 15th, 2015|

Before introducing PopSlate, a case that turns the back of a smartphone into a second screen, Yashar Behzadi needed to test the market for the high-tech product and get feedback from first-generation users. Crowdfunding, he suspected, would achieve both goals.

Behzadi launched a 30-day campaign on Indiegogo in December 2012 seeking $150,000 and ended up raising […]

New crowdfunding site created for property investment in Spain

August 12th, 2015|

THANKS to a new crowdfunding website, anyone with €500 euros in their wallet can become a property tycoon.

Every investor receives a monthly return proportional to their investment, as well as a bonus commission on a sold, created by two Madrid entrepreneurs Antonio Brusola and Alvaro Luna, allows anyone to invest a minimum of €500 […]

Ignore the snobs: Why crowdfunding is bringing diversity back to business

August 11th, 2015|

Venture investors on competitive deals are used to missing out to other funds. It’s part and parcel of the industry. But last month, tech-focused VCs missed out to the crowd, as the first successful exit of a crowdfunded company returned capital to investors in E-Car Club, which sold to Europcar.

E-Car Club raised funding using, […]

Can Korea compete in crowdfunding?

August 10th, 2015|

Korea’s start-up community breathed a collective sigh of relief last month when the government approved the long-awaited crowdfunding act, two years after it was first proposed in June 2013.

Aimed at opening funding channels for start-ups, the Financial Investment Services and Capital Markets Act paves the way for equity-based crowdfunding ― a type of fund-raising method […]