Fintech Week: 30 Irish start-ups covering every corner of fintech

August 19th, 2015|

This week, aims to uncover and demystify fintech, starting with this guide to the wealth of opportunity Irish start-ups have capitalised on in this area.

Championed as one of the new frontiers of the tech industry, fintech is on a fast-track to becoming an overused buzzword meaning everything as a whole, and nothing in particular, […]

Eight of the hottest fintech start-ups in Singapore now

August 6th, 2015|

Singapore is crashing the fintech boom – a sector once the preserve of Silicon Valley and London’s ‘Silicon Roundabout’ in Old Street. Last week the government set up a new fintech innovation group to help egg on the industry, while DBS hosted a weekend hackathon in May, letting its bankers mingle with the city state’s top […]

Fintech startups are going strong globally

August 6th, 2015|

Fintech labs, accelerators and hackathons are spreading around the world, from New York to London to Asia to Latin America. In New York, where it all started in 2010 with the the FinTech Innovation Lab launched by Accenture and the Partnership Fund for New York City, the latest selection of startups has been announced for […]