Haven Investor: Buy Your Home and Lose Out on One Million Pounds!

September 28th, 2015|

In the United Kingdom, as in many other countries around the world, buying your home is a national obsession and status of wealth that has led to the price of housing reaching record highs and affordability levels being extremely stretched. Renting for the long term is seen as a social negative by the general public […]

Borrow & Lend with Bitcoin. Breaking down the Borders with Haven Investor

September 27th, 2015|

Previously if you required a loan to buy a car, start or fund a business, you would have no other option than to approach your local bank and hope they would lend you the money on whatever terms they set. With the internet, and more recently the rise of peer to peer lending there are […]

Haven Investor: Best countries to live in and be tax free – legally

September 27th, 2015|

If you are high net worth individual or a successful entrepreneur or investor and do not need to be living in the country you are deriving your income source from and want to legally avoid paying taxes – then relocating to a tax free paradise is definitely worth considering;

HavenInvestor recommends the top 5 best and […]

Haven Investor: Specialised Online Business Lending

September 20th, 2015|

We’ve added another section to our Global Online Alternative Finance Marketplace. Welcome Providers, Investors & those seeking funding – http://haveninvestor.com/specialised-online-business-lending/

Peer-to-peer lending, Crowdfunding and Invoice Discounting are well known as ways for SMEs to access alternative finance. However, there are specialised online business lending providers who can provide flexible finance in a short time and structure an innovative solution […]

Haven Investor: Why Bitcoin is better than Gold as a store of wealth

September 20th, 2015|

Guest post published with Bitbond, the #1 Bitcoin Peer to Peer Lending Provider. https://www.bitbond.com/resources/bitcoin-vs-gold-why-bitcoin-is-better/

Gold has been used as a store of wealth for the last few thousand years by ancient civilisations. Due to the limitations of its availability, everyone from kings to central banks have previously used gold as the foundation of their wealth. The […]

Haven Investor: P2P Lending using Bitcoin

September 13th, 2015|

Peer to peer lending using Bitcoin, the world’s most prominent Digital Currency,offers holders of bitcoin a way to earn income through lending to assist in meeting their overall financial goals. Even the lowest returns on peer to peer bitcoin lending handily beat the “safest” bonds. Average annualized returns can vary from 8% (low risk) to 25% (high risk).
Investment Tips
Haven […]

Haven Investor: Invest in Bitcoin

September 12th, 2015|

Bitcoin is a digital currency, created and held electronically. No one controls it. They are not printed like US dollars or Euros but they are produced by people and businesses all around the world, using software that solves mathematical problems. The most important characteristic, and the thing that makes it different to conventional/paper money, is […]

Haven Investor: Why is Gold the ultimate store of value?

September 12th, 2015|

Food for thought. Why is Gold the ultimate store of long-term value & wealth preservation?

Throughout history, gold, has been used for centuries as the ultimate store of value. Due to the limitations of its availability, everyone from kings to central banks have used gold as the foundation of their wealth. The key to gold’s appeal […]

Haven Investor: Warning Signs to avoid second passport scams

September 12th, 2015|

Haven Investor works closely with highly reputable agents in the field of second passports/citizenship programs and advises its clients to be aware of potential scams promoted by other agents on the Internet or elsewhere.

Here are 3 big warning signs of a potential scam:

1)  compare the agents claims versus the naturalisation policy of the relevant country […]

Haven Investor: Buying property in Medellin, Colombia.

September 12th, 2015|

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity – buying property in Medellin right now.

With the Colombian peso falling over 40% in the last 4 years against the US dollar and the British Pound and the price of property relatively inexpensive now is a once in a lifetime opportunity to consider investing in Colombian property in particular, […]