Central bankers right now are the most powerful people on earth. Every statement they make nowadays has the power to move global markets enormously. However, since the financial crisis central bankers within the major economies have experimented with an extraordinary number of questionable measures from ‘quantitative easing aka money printing’ to ‘negative interest rates aka robbing depositors’ in the hope of getting the economies of the world to match or exceed their pre-crisis growth rates.

But after 7 years of trying, the economies of the world continue to flat line, and potentially central bankers could be making things worse instead of better. These are the same people who have made some dreadful past observations, such as Ben Bernake, who was the central banker in the USA at the time of the financial crisis, on July 16th 2008 quoted as saying:

“Fannie and Freddie are adequately capitalized. They are in no danger of failing”. 2 months later, these huge USA mortgage entities collapsed. Or even better, Mr Bernake was quoted on 10th June saying:

“the risk that the economy has entered a substantial downturn appears to have diminished over the past month or so…”. 3 months later the greatest financial crisis and economic downturn since the Great Depression in 1930s hit the world.

If we look at the Eurozone, and its central banker, Mario Draghi, its the same individual who was the Managing Director at Goldman Sachs when the firm helped structure certain derivative transactions in the early 2000s which allowed Greece’s financials to look much better than they were, thus allowing them to join the Euro (EU) and now the country is basically bankrupt and kept afloat only with bailout money. Although ‘Super Mario’ as he likes to be known was not personally involved with the transaction he was quoted at the time stating that governments should consider using financial derivatives “to stabilize tax revenue and avoid the sudden accumulation of debt.” Now its the same person who is in charge of keeping the Eurozone together and surviving its ongoing sovereign debt crisis…

So if you don’t have much faith in Central Bankers what should you do?

For investors and entrepreneurs, to preserve your hard earned wealth from any upcoming failure of the central bankers resulting in a severe financial crisis, Haven Investor recommends that you start or increase your investment in precious metals, in particular Gold, which has proven itself to be the ultimate store of value over the last few thousand years. Also, consider the Gold of the digital age, Bitcoin, which will allow you to store your wealth online and transfer it overseas to be a more stable environment. Investing in ‘Hard Assets’ such as agriculture, has also proven throughout history successfully to protect your wealth due to its intrinsic value. Consider owning overseas property and maintaining second residencies to provide you and your family with more options other than your current home country.

If you are interested in learning more on how to preserve your wealth in the event of a catastrophic financial and economic crisis, we are here to help. Haven Investor was created to help entrepreneurs seek alternative financing options & investors to protect their wealth offshore & grow it utilizing the various independent alternative finance options available worldwide.

Written by Paul at Haven Investor.