Following Funding Circles new fixed rate offering, which reduces the returns for experienced investors – I have now begun to substantially reduce my lending with the platform and have now focused on lending to ‘personal asset secured lending’ basically a modern day/digital age pawnbroking. There are a few new growing platforms in this area within the UK, Moneything and Unbolted. Which pay on average annual interest of 12% and 10.5% respectively. The main advantage with this type of lending, it is short term in nature (max 6 months) and secured against personal assets which can be sold to cover any losses.

In other news, Bondora in Estonia have recently announced they will be passing on the recovery costs of defaulters to investors, which is disappointing. However, with the current high returns from the platform – will stick with them.

My Current Portfolio

£30k – Funding Circle (SME P2P)
£60k – Platform Black (Invoice Discounting)
£50k – Bondora (individual P2P)
£40k – Funding Secure (individual P2P
£40k – Rebuilding Society (SME P2P)
£10k – Moneything (individual P2P)
£10k – Unbolted (individual P2P)

Averaging a annualised and stable 12.5% return, not bad considering the average UK bank account pays less than 1% and the continued volatility of the equity and bond markets.

Keep on lending!
Peer to Peer Lending Investor


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