[fusion_text]Our diarist, has £250k (€370k, $400k) to invest and is wary of the volatility of traditional shares and bonds and disappointed with less than a 1% return from a typical bank’s saving account – as he is seeking a steady, secure income above 10% per year to fund his early retirement. After researching numerous investment opportunities he has decided that investing in a wide range of peer to peer lending is the most suitable recent option and is sharing his experiences with Haven Investor.

Peer to peer lending Investor – Friday 4 September

My Current Portfolio

£60k – Funding Circle (SME P2P)
£60k – Platform Black (Invoice Discounting)
£50k – Bondora (individual P2P)
£40k – Funding Secure (individual P2P
£40k – Rebuilding Society (SME P2P)

Funding Circle, my current return in 9.7%. Funding Circle is one of the largest SME peer to peer lending providers in the UK growing rapidly. Great website, always lots of loan options available. Only downside is the lower yields compared to other SME lending providers

Platform Black, my current return is 11%. Platform Black and is one of the largest invoice discounting providers in the UK. Good for lending in short durations (30-90 days). A lower risk lending option. Only downside is having to continue lending funds manually to keep funds lent at an optimal level.

Bondora, my current return is 20%. Bondora is Estonia’s largest unsecured personal lender. Great returns so far and lots of lending options. The main risk at the moment is if the high yielding model is sustainable in the future.

Funding Secure, my current return is 12.5%. Funding Secure is an individual lending platform in the UK which secures  the individuals personal assets i.e a modern day pawnbroker. Good returns backed my collateral. Only downside is that they are a small outfit with a few loan options each week.

Rebuilding Society, my current return is 16%. Rebuilding Society is a SME peer to peer lending provider in the UK. A very well run small platform with good high yielding opportunities, only downside is a lack of lending options on average 1 a week.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts where I will endeavour to show you some of the experiences I have alongside tools and tricks I believe you will find useful.

Thank you & happy investing.
Peer to Peer Lending Investor

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