Peer to peer lending using Bitcoin, the world’s most prominent Digital Currency,offers holders of bitcoin a way to earn income through lending to assist in meeting their overall financial goals. Even the lowest returns on peer to peer bitcoin lending handily beat the “safest” bonds. Average annualized returns can vary from 8% (low risk) to 25% (high risk).

Investment Tips

Haven Investor recommends the following 4 important tips to improve your investment success in Peer to Peer Bitcoin Loans:
  1. Spread your investment over as many loans & peer to peer platforms as possible – to limit the risk of defaults.
  2. Make sure you do your research – understand the processes, ensure you are comfortable with the risks.
  3. Reinvest your returns – avoid your returns sitting idle and not earning any interest.
  4. Optimise the automation tools within the peer to peer to invest & reinvest in loans automatically – to save time.
Our choice of Peer to Peer Bitcoin lending providers is provided below. We have selected these based on extensive experience ourselves with peer to peer lending & investing.
Get Started with Peer to Peer Lending with Bitcoin with Haven Investor:

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