[fusion_text]The country of Panama, is well and truly on the road to becoming the next Singapore and Switzerland of the Americas. Singapore has become hugely successful in the last few decades becoming the ultimate safe haven in South East Asia, whilst Switzerland for centuries has been considered the safe haven for Europe.
Panama is now fast becoming the safe haven of the Americas with residents of Argentina and Venezuela rushing to move their wealth assets there. It benefits from pegging its currency to the world’s reserve currency, the U.S. dollar and is one of the few countries to have no central bank and no standing army!

Panama continues to be a country on the up and is actually encouraging and making it easier for foreigners who can contribute to the economy to come and live there, at a time when many other countries are closing their borders. Panama has a great second passport and residency program available for citizens of 50 friendly nations (mainly western countries) which enables citizens of these countries to simply obtain permanent residency by depositing USD 5k and opening a Panamanian company or buying property. Income generated from outside Panama is normally tax free, another huge benefit. After 5 years of residency, you can claim a Panama passport which allows for visa free travel to the Europe and North America. As a place to live, Panama City is highly modern capital with skyscrapers and a thriving nightlife whilst outside the city country is blessed with beautiful beaches and stunning countryside.

Haven Investor highly recommends Panama for an entrepreneur or investor to locate themselves in a safe, fast growing, tax and business friendly economy with potential to obtain a highly valued second passport.

To get setup in Panama, get in touch & we’ll get you started with our partners in Panama.

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