To safeguard yourself, your family and your assets – a second passport/citizenship is essential to support this process. It also allows you to have more options to travel, invest and protect your freedom.

Haven Investor looks at the quickest and easiest ways to legitimately obtain a second passport:

1. Citizenship by descent:
6 months to 2 years, very low cost and easy process if you have a grandparent/parent from a foreign country. Countries that easily facilitate this process for example are Ireland and Italy.

2. Citizenship by Investment:
An expensive option but a quicker way to obtain a lucrative second passport, in the way of investing in government bonds to local real estate or paying a large ‘processing fee’ such as Malta offering passports for a fee of USD 1m, Dominca and St Kitts & Nevis also having similar programs.

3. Citizenship by marriage:
It allows the spouse to benefit from much shortened waiting times/residency requirements to obtain nationality

Otherwise if the above 3 options do not meet your criteria- the remaining option which is longer but more affordable is to become a resident and complete the minimum residency requirements before applying for citizenship.

Some of the fastest residency requirements in the world to secure nationality are:

Dominican Republic – 2 years, which can be shortened by purchasing property

Argentina – 2 years, with a minimum time in the country of 6 months in each year. A great passport to travel with.

Paraguay – 3 years and only requires a bank deposit of $5k with very minimal time to be spent in the country

Belgium and Poland – 3 years residency required, both passports provide access to freely live and work anywhere in the EU.

Inspired and ready to explore more on getting a Second Passport?


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