TWINO ( is a new Latvian based peer-to-peer lending platform that connects mainly Latvian borrowers with European investors. TWINO was founded by FinaBay – a trend leader in financial innovations. It is a company that believes that new technology can bring a turning point in our perception of even the most conventional financial products, by making them simpler and more accessible and by providing better risk management for borrowers and investors. Already operates in Spain, Cezch Republic, Poland and Denmark.
TWINO offers the chance for European investors to obtain high returns, with projected ROI at 20%+ whilst allowing borrowers in Latvia, which has a small and less developed credit market, access to finance at reasonable interest rates. One noticeable feature of TWINO is that it is the only P2P platform in Europe with buyout guarantee of the loan from the investor, which should minimise the risk of investing with the platform.